In this new day and age, where customers' demand on product quality and services is constantly increasing, the retail business encounters more and more challenges each day. Our company operates under the staff-oriented culture known as Inverted Triangle Management, which encourages corporate transparency as well as streamline management structure in order to provide better understanding for both frontline and back office colleagues. Quality service is one of the main factors to succeed in the retail business. Therefore, only excelling can provide customers with satisfactory services.

Our management believes that quality service and first-rate training for front-line staff is essential to success. Thus, we put great effort in providing diversified staff training. We have also established a corporate culture in "continuous learning for the pursuit of distinction".

Sidefame limited. has established the "Star Development Scheme" since 2008 to further enhance front-line staff's skills based on individual development needs. We encourage the staff to make good use of their spare time to enroll in the company's training course. An online information platform as well as private library is also accessible to staff for the purpose of self-enhancement in preparation for future challenges.

The company has a high degree of transparency in the mechanisms for promotions. All eligible employees must participate in an assessment test. In order to achieve a fair and open rating system and providing our colleagues with a reachable goal for career development.

In line with the company's business development, we cordially invite you to become part of us, to work and grow together for our goals at SIDEFAME.

在21世纪, 顾客无论在货品质量及服务方面的要求不断提高, 零售行业每一天也面对不同的挑战。公司提倡以人为本的「倒三角文化」管理理念,提高公司透明度及精简管理架构,推行「上传下达」有效机制,能加深了解前线及后勤同事的需要。

优质服务是零售行业的成功因素之一,我们必须有优秀的前线人员才可为顾客提供称心满意的服务。管理阶层深信优质服务及培育优秀的前线人员是成功的重要一环, 因此公司十分注重对员工的培训, 更建立了 "不断学习, 追求卓越"的企业文化。

由2008年开始, 公司创立了员工 "Star Development Scheme 星级发展计划",令前线员工可根据个人的发展需要, 利用工余时间报读公司的培训课程。 同时公司亦提供网上信息平台及图书馆,为员工提供多方面的进修途径, 以鼓励员工不断自我增值, 提升自己, 为面对未来的工作挑战作准备。公司亦拥有高透明度的晋升机制,所有合资格同事必须参加评核试,目标做到公平、公开的评分标准,为同事创造一个理想的晋升平台,向订下的目标进发。


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